Ensure Your Pool is Working Optimally

Pool Maintenance Services in
Bloomington, Elletsville and Nashville

Grimes Pool service has several choices in service contracts based totally for your needs. This ensures that your pool and spa are working at their optimal level. Let our trained technicians preserve water clarity and chemical levels while providing a comprehensive cleaning service. We use the highest quality products to keep your pool and spa looking beautiful and clear.

STANDARD WEEKLY maintenance service includes the following:

  • Once per week service
  • Vacuuming (or brushing) pool
  • Skimming surface
  • Emptying pump and skimmer baskets
  • Backwashing the filter as needed
  • Checking the operation of the filtration system
  • Testing and adjusting water chemistry
  • Chemical and test supply delivery as needed/requested
  • Informing customers of any pertinent instructions for maximum operation of pool and spa.

Maintenance Service

  • Standard weekly service is performed twice per week. This service is recommended for pools with a high bather load, pools kept above 85 degrees and for those customers who want us to check and perform basic maintenance care.

Maintenance Service

  • Standard weekly service performed every other week

Maintenance Service

  • Standard weekly service is done once per month

Additional charges that may apply:

  • All chemicals, supplies and repairs
  • Filter cleanings: disassembly, cleaning of elements and reassembly
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